Saturday, November 11, 2023

The fish drama

Hello and welcome from my bed (don't believe Mom when she tells you it's hers). I have torn my cruciate ligament in one knee - after tearing the one in the other knee some months ago - and now I'm on pain medication, resting my knee, having my meals delivered, sleeping, or watching what's going on around me.
It happened when I jumped up on the wardrobe a few nights ago.

That wardrobe has seen a lot over the years, but only in the last two years it has turned into a meeting point for gang members.

There is another gang on the East Side of the wardrobe, but der Dekan had a fallout with them after he threw one of them off without so much as a warning. No one was injured, but the mood was very icy afterwards. Count Dracula and Mr. Bones never approved of him, anyway. I wouldn't either if somecat kept trying to walk all over me.

Maybe der Dekan is made for a lonely thug life because this morning something shocking happened.
If you compare this picture to the first one, can you see the difference? It's true, before Mom's and my eyes Fluffy Red took a dive without any warning at all. He didn't make a sound which made it even more gruesome to watch.
This is the face we saw .... it made us shudder.

And when Mom told him she'd call the police, this was his reaction.
Does it look to you as if he has any regrets at all??


  1. 🎵 🎶 Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien... 🎵 🎶 I envision some fishes in the floor soon...
    I hope you feel better when these words reach you, and have no pain in that ligament any more. But maybe you should not rush to change that ritual of sleeping, resting and be served! Take care!

    1. Thank you, Mercè! I got sick from the pain med for the first time. I threw up and then stopped eating and had to go the vet's two more times! I was not amused and Mom felt very bad about it and is still spoiling me rotten although I am feeling much better now.
      I'm milking it, believe me, because I deserve it all for putting up with the brat!

  2. You do deserve this and more! Take much care!