Sunday, September 6, 2015

This couch is not big enough for the two of us

As a cat I am really good at ignoring my name if I choose to.
"Ponder. What's that?"
Ack. Why doesn't she go away? I thought she wanted to take a bubble bath.

"You are a silly boy, you know that?"
"Sheesh, human, what is it?"
Oh. She is looking at the intruder.

"The couch is big enough for him and you."
"He had to leave urgently. Business."
"Business on the floor under the table? You mean he was on the blanket and you still don't like to sleep on the couch itself."
"Absolutely not. I just need lots of space. Now put that camera down ... and ... go ... away."


Guess who's not going to sleep well tonight? A hint, it will not be me.