Sunday, January 27, 2019

The cat that got wet

That's me. The cat that got wet, I mean. Not that I mind water so much, but as a surprise?
Let me tell you the story.
Mom was taking one of her bubble baths. Okay, so her tongue is very inferior when it comes to cleaning herself and let's not even think about her physical flexibility. You won't see her around with one leg in the air grooming it, I can tell you, and a good thing that is, too. So it's showers and bubble baths. She takes a book and then she's gone for the world for a while. I can live with that.

Merlin used to guard her lying next to the tub on a special towel she'd put there for him. Esme loved to check out if Mom had chosen one of the herbal baths that she liked to taste, Esme, not Mom. Very strange if you ask me. Then she would sit there, at the end of the tub, dipping the tip of her tail into the water. She had to wait if Meffi wanted to claim the spot, though (sans dipping). Greebo and Gandalf were satisfied with a quick check and a pet every, now and then. Gundel prefers an empty (not necessarily dry, however) tub to sit in it and, no idea, meditate?

There was a time when I was more interested in the tub than I am now. I used to hunt the odd spider in there and sometimes I'd try to walk around the edge a little or just sit at the end telling Mom stories.
Lately I have shown more interest again, though, especially after Mom told me that it was not a good idea for me to do "the walk". Can you believe she said I was too big and she didn't mean my height by that! She also told me that she loved me, but that I would stop at the tap, anyway, and then get all whiny because it was slippery to climb over it what with the shower hose hanging over there as well and even more difficult to turn around on the narrow edge of the tub against the wall, and me being not as slender as I used to be and she wouldn't try to hold me, and did I remember the time when I jumped on her belly, geez lady, are you done now??
And today she tried to tell me all of that again. Too bad I was already beyond the shampoo corner, and before she even knew, well, let's say I may have lost my balance for a second. And maybe my claws dug into her shoulder a little and only maybe one a little more than the other when I used her shoulder for a springboard as there wasn't anything better at the time.

I have no idea why she yelled like a baby. I was the one who got wet, legs, tail and my underbelly. With soapy foam, too! All because she is a very bad springboard. There's no "spring" in there at all. Instead she's more of a "diveboard" meaning she sank into the water even more, with me on there.
I had to clean myself completely out of schedule, and believe me, while I did, she got quite an earful from me!

You know something, though? Shh, don't tell her.
I regret nothing! :-D

P.S. Except that she didn't take a better picture of me afterwards ....

Friday, January 11, 2019

Where's Emma?

Shame on me. I still haven't told you about Emma and Johnny. I'll make it short for now and show you pictures another time instead. There are thousands of them.
Emma (Peel) and John(ny) Steed are the "new" kids on the block. Not my block, but Mom's sister's block, and "new" isn't that new anymore.
You remember Mulder, my pal? We lost him about 1 1/2 years ago which was very hard, but of course hardest for his Mom. She said she didn't want another cat, but eventually it happened, anyway. So when our vet heard of some kittens to adopt, she let us know and we went there to have a look. There were four of them babies, just old enough to leave their mother. The first one that crossed our way was a little girl called Emma, with a pattern much like Mulder which sealed her fate quickly. All the others were tabbies, two mackerel, a boy and girl, and a boy in the classic tabby pattern. The last one had won the heart of the teenager of the house, so the decision fell on the mackerel boy who was renamed into Johnny. Mom's sister was very happy although she had forgotten how exhausting it can be around kittens, hehe. Of course they grew up much too fast for her liking.

Johnny really isn't a gentleman like the TV character who inspired his name. He's mischievous, adorable and a thief. He'd steal food whenever he gets the chance. I have absolutely no idea why my Mom thinks it's a good idea to call him Ponder Two under a fake cough! She says he reminds her of me when I was a youngster, always up to something and a bit of an adventurer (did she mean my latest attempt to escape again a few days ago?). Hm.

This is not about Johnny, though. This is about sweet Emma. She's a little beauty, a bit shy, doesn't like much to be picked up and she isn't a lap cat. She loves to sleep under her Mom's blanket on the couch.
And she's a natural at hiding. Can you find her? ;-)