Saturday, July 9, 2016

My great-grandmother was a shoe saleswoman

It's true, she was. Mom thinks that's the reason why she always stares at other people's shoes. All I know is that for the descendant of a lady who prided herself on her work Mom doesn't know much about shoes. She's wearing the same kind of sneakers all the time and even said she'd wear them in green with pink dots if she could walk in them. And either one pair has to die before she gets a new one out of storage (no kidding you) or there has to be a special occasion.

So the other day she brought in this new pair and presented them to me. I know everything about everything, so of course she was seeking my advice.
First I had a good look.

 Not sure.
 Better do another check.

Ok, that was not TOO bad, so next I tried one on.

Whoa, it's like a small boat. You really must have some big feet, Mom.

How about you trying them on now? Wow, your foot really does fill this up, eh?

Wait, let me check the quality of the shoelaces before you tie them.

Now with claws.

My face of approval.
In fact I think I should keep these myself ..... especially the left one .....