Thursday, May 31, 2012

We are alive ...

... and as adorable as ever.
There are weird things going on in the house however, packing, decluttering. Boxes are involved, closets are open, interesting things are lying around. You will understand that I have to supervise all of this, so time to blog has been scarce in a while.
Here you see me in one of the boxes. Mom keeps telling me that a. it is too small for me (is she saying I put on weight??), b. I'm not two bottles of wine (what is she trying to tell me with that one?), c. I'm a silly boy (excuse me, I hope I didn't hear that right!).
I think the dark green suits me.

The others are fine, too. Today we had chicken for dinner. Mom is doing everything to make Meffi eat (she's the tiny one here) and usually that means we all get lucky. Another reason for me to love that little tigress.
I had had a meal before, but it didn't really fill me up.
Mom is thinking that she's a murderer now because she pointed the daddy long legs out to me. It's not as if she hadn't seen me eat spiders before. I think she really felt sorry for him, I say, hey, it's nature and be glad I don't try to eat Buster or Keaton.

Now I'll retreat to the window sill for a while before I go to sleep. The window is open and a little whiff of fresh air is coming in which is a good thing. Maybe I see some bats or a witch on a broomstick.
See you around!