Friday, January 10, 2014

We are four.

"Four, Mom. Not two."
"Yeah, I know. Why else would I need huge amounts of cat litter and food? Not talking about attention."
"You know, huh? So why did you buy TWO of those cat scratching beds?"
"I thought we'd give them a try first. What if you didn't like them?"
"We do like them. Three of us stood in front of two beds and had to fight for them."
"You didn't fight. You took turns."
"That's your version."
"And I stick to it."
"Don't. Only cat versions are the truth. And don't roll your eyes, it doesn't become you."

Actually he's not that wrong. I decided to get one more of those beds next time. Meffi prefers her own beds, so that's fine. Should have done it in the first place, right?
*EYEROLL* (There!)