Friday, August 26, 2011

The humiliation continues

That's it. I sleep on the desk like the harmless little cat that I am, the lady pokes me and then tells me I'm a squeaky toy?? When I glared at her like only a black mini panther can (you should see Esme's looks sometimes, whoa, that small princess face of hers is really hiding a little witch sometimes which means she wears her name in dignity and rightfully), she explained that whenever she pokes me I make that funny squeaky noise.

Read my lips, Mom - the funny squeaky noise means "Poke me one more time and I'll bite your finger off!!"
And who knows ... maybe I'll actually do that eventually.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Musings at night

So the guys are back home from their trip. Instead of making it up to us that they left us alone for so long (no, no, substitute prison guards don't count), they fell back into the old routine right away.
Just a few minutes ago Mom chased off Greebo from the little table with a folding rule. Yeah, so she doesn't touch him with it, but only wiggles it in front of his nose, so he'll get distracted and stop licking the bar (which has held a strange fascination for more than one cat pal in this house). But still. He's just trying to have some fun.

Oh, he did have some fun yesterday when he knocked over Liese, the lifesize plush calf. Unfortunately Mom didn't take a picture because she was too baffled when she found Liese lying on the floor after she heard the strange "phump" noise downstairs. It's a pity, I went downstairs together with her and it looked quite funny how Greebo tried to sneak away with an innocent look on his baby face while Esme sat "caged in" between Liese's belly, her legs and the staircase.
Before you ask, yes, it was definitely him, we did hear his typical sound ...

Me, I have just been thrown off the desk. Ok, I did have snuggle time, but I wanted to nap on the desk, not on a belly. I can't help the desk being occupied by a pair of legs, it was mine first! That's my story and I stick to it. Unless I need to change it to my advantage, in that case it'll change faster than the weather around here at the moment.

Meffi is glad to have them back. She snuggles a lot and takes up bed or couch space. As long as she doesn't take over my favorite carpet spot, I'll be okay.
Actually this is where I am now. Roosevelt (the big bear) in my back as my personal guard, a soft carpet and a bag full of shells to play with if I get bored. After being thrown off the desk (brutally, I tell you, most brutally!) I went to see if Mom left a drawer open. There's nothing like an open drawer for a little revenge. I was in luck, her jewelry drawer was open a bit and I almost escaped with a bracelet. Sometimes I think she's got antennae because right that moment she walked in and took it from me.

It's almost midnight now, a good time for a nap.
By the way, tomorrow is Black Cats Appreciation Day. I know I have two white spots, but I still feel like a mini panther. I'd appreciate for you to appreciate me and Esme tomorrow. While you're at it, leave some appreciation for tabbies (Meffi) and cow cats (Greebo). They can't help not having as luxurious furs as we do ;-)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Peace, quiet and books

It's true. My sister and I are addicted to books or rather the space behind the books. Mom really has to be careful when taking out a book, before she shuts the door, she needs to check first if no black cat sneaked in. She learned the hard way after looking for Esme once. Not that Esme cared, she slept and didn't even complain when she was released.

The other day Mom heard noises and after watching me trying to open the door, she finally had the idea to get out the camera (she's a little slow at the moment) ...

Isn't it a shame there is no privacy in the house? And as if was not enough taking the video of Esme trying to lock me in, Mom had to peek in and take two pictures of me when I was only trying to get some peace *sigh*

Just wait, soon she will be gone on vacation and I intend to prepare some surprises for when she'll come back, hehe!