Thursday, May 19, 2016

The carpet and the mouse

The other day Mom decided that she didn't want to keep the carpet in the bedroom. She didn't hesitate to tell me her reasons. In fact she had been complaining about that for years.
"I vacuum, you sit on it for two seconds, and it's all hairy again." That's coming from the lady with the long hair that keeps strangling the vacuum's brush, by the way.
"It has been a dumb idea from the start to get a light colored carpet with you guys around." Yeah, hey, was that my idea? I didn't buy this thing (although I do admit it is very comfy), call the guy who did and stop nagging at me for it.
And then the big bang: "You keep puking on it!" Well, excuse me. If cats feel a hairball working its way up, if the cat grass wants back out, and if they only once have eaten a little too quickly ... those are the moments when it's time to retreat to a rug of their choice and do what has to be done. It's what cats do, and it's what rugs are for.
"That carpet has to go. I'm going to roll it up to see how heavy it is."
For once Mom did something right. Not only is the carpet still there, rolled up halfway which makes it kind of fun to sit on it as if you are on a little bench (that thing IS heavy), but she also created a bit of entertainment for me.
I have a sisal mouse with a long tail that is a stretchy, and she managed to roll up the mouse with the rug, but leave the tail out.
I hope the rug will stay around like this for a while because this is fun! Thanks, Mom (and stop rolling your eyes at me!!) :-)