Thursday, October 6, 2011

Still alive!

We are still alive. Still as whiny as ever if the situation asks for it. Just long enough to be annoying, pushing limits ... and then, bang, we get all purry and lovable. In fact I'm playing that game right now, I'm posting from Mom's lap while purring so loud you almost forget the heavy rain outside.

Meffi is probably sleeping on Mom's pillow right now while Greebo is in a chair downstairs. I can't hear him snore, so he must be downstairs. Esme just got up to have a good stretch and then disappeared behind the big desk again. At night she blends in pretty well with the dark blue carpet.
Mom insisted on taking a picture, though, and since I was the only one available (and would never refuse to have my picture taken unless she's making me wear a Santa hat or something), here I am speaking for all the others.
Adore us. We are beautiful and deserve it.