Thursday, June 28, 2012

CSI: Göppingen

It seemed to be an ordinary day in the little Swabian town. People went to work, came from work, went to sleep or got up, got something to eat and lived their ordinary little lives, more or less.
None of the unsuspecting passers-by could have known what would happen in one of their town's ordinary little streets.

Nothing was ordinary about this crime. It was committed in complete silence. It was committed without scruples by a criminal as cold as ice. Someone who knew his job. Someone who let nothing stop him. He came, he hit, he left.

Shortly after the CSI squad appeared on the scene. Only a very trained observer would have noticed the tiny moment of shock they experience when being confronted with the crime scene.
The case is in the paws of Mr. P. Stibbons now who refused to give us an interview at this point of the investigation.

We only got a short statement from Mr. Stibbons' assistant, Ms. M.Ephista, who told us that the possibility of it being an insider job is not ruled out at the moment.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Jungle Queen

Two blog posts in one day, I know that's hard to believe. This is definitely the day of the girls however. Adorable? Of course. Dangerous? You bet. You don't believe me?
Meet the Queen of the Jungle waiting for the unsuspecting prey. Too bad a paparazza kept the prey away, well, bad for the mighty tiger called Mephista (Meffi would sound much too harmless here), good for me who is now able to once more show you the love of my life.
Honestly, who could resist that gorgeous lady?

The Dell box

Mom didn't think this box was interesting at all, flat and boring as it is, but what do humans know?
Often when she is sitting at the computer now, she hears a noise and with all the packed boxes around that Greebo so likes to use as scratching posts, her instinct kicks in and she yells "Stop it!!" Then she turns around and apologizes to whatever cat just took its seat in the "boring" box.

Usually it's Esme. She loves that thing, can you tell?
She can hold hands with her wooden buddy and tell him about her day, maybe her wishes and dreams and how much the food has been sucking again in this house lately (don't let her sweet little belly distract you from the fact that she's very much malnourished, starving, neglected and has to work so much around here).
I can imagine her saying "You are so lucky, my friend. You don't need food. You don't need snuggles and love at 3 in the morning. It's not easy for a kitty like me."

And sometimes, if I have been really good to her, she lets me sit in there, too. (Yeah, so I AM an attention whore and have problems to blog without including a picture of my gorgeousness! Deal with it!)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ninja without outfit

He might not wear all black, but I'd still watch out if I were Mom.

ALL boxes are MY boxes

It's funny. Usually if there's a box with content around, Greebo is the first one to have a closer look. He is feeling a little under the weather at the moment however, so maybe that's the reason why I got first dibs on this one. It's filled up with books, you remember I told you there's packing going on. This box has a sticker saying "Tierparkbücher", zoo books. You know I love books and often sleep behind them in closets that I open although it gets me stern looks (yeah, as if Greebo and Esme don't do it, too). This is a lousy video. Mom knows that when she gets up I usually stop doing whatever I'm doing right now, especially if she holds a camera. I love that disappointed "oh maaaaan" sound, hehe. So once again she took this from the next room, zooming in. Forgive her, she's old and her hands are not that steady anymore. Don't listen to her saying the light was bad, too. She's good at cheap excuses. You'll get the idea, though.