Monday, September 11, 2023

Turf wars

If you think we have been very quiet, then you are half right. The blog half.
I have of course been a distinguished lady as always. I still like to hang out with my friend Leonie, I play very decently with the rainbow wand thingy (ignore Mom if she says that I too know how to use my claws), I sleep on my pillow or in my cat bed, and only on very rare occasions I have to pull Mom's hair in the morning if I am absolutely starving.

And I observe. I see. I know everything.
Lately Bruce, the shark, and der Dekan have been squabbling. Little things. Who gets the last kibble, who gets to tackle Mom on the way to the kitchen, who gets to jump on her belly when she is least expecting it, these kind of things.
Given that Bruce has no feet or paws, he usually doesn't have a chance and I could tell he was not happy about that.
Tension increased and it ended as it had to eventually, in the Shark Cat Turf Wars of 2023.
Of course I stayed out of it. If two young lads want to fight out, let them, I am too grown up and much too wise to get drawn into this.

This was one of the times when Mom thought it might actually have been nice to have a smartphone. Why on earth she didn't just turn the video on her camera on, no one knows, but I have to admit that the pictures tell the story quite nicely as well.
Mom couldn't even decide which ones to pick, so you'll just get all of them. Have fun!

Now you probably want to know who the winner was, don't you?
Believe it or not, those silly boys fell asleep from one second to the other. Literally.
Boom. Best friends again? What do you think? I have a faint feeling the peace won't be lasting for long ...


  1. After great battles, great warriors need great rest :)

    1. Why even have a battle?
      Look at Leonie and me, we just get along and get great rest! I guess it really is a boy thing, eh?

  2. Boys, teenagers... everywhere the same.

    1. Will he ever grow up ... I sure hope so.
      Meanwhile, Mom and I will have to be very patient (although she is not at all happy about him destroying four saucers with his "food dance" already this year!).

  3. Haha... now you made me laugh with the "food dance". Be patient, Gundel, Mom needs you!

    1. He honestly dances with excitement. Because he neeeever gets something to eat *eyeroll*
      The other day he ran so hard in the hallway that the ceramic kibble bowl somersaulted into the ceramic water bowl, bottoms up. It fit right in there. He was very impressed with himself from his stare.
      I'm so glad to have Gundel for balance! ;-)

  4. Ugh boys! Always posturing! Then they are friends again.

    1. I heard you have two of them now. Good luck with that! Der Dekan tells them hi and if they need tips on how to be annoying, just give him a call.
      I am so glad I am a panther lady.