Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mad kitten

"Yes, Gundel?"
"Can we ...."
"Talk? Sure. It's about den Dekan again, isn't it?"
"Of course he is. I admit that I'm kind of getting used to him and I haven't said anything for a long time ..."
"Not in words, no, but sometimes a look is quite enough."


"Actually I just wanted to inform you that der Dekan has decided to become a Mad Kitten."
"I would have thought he is already rather mad. Have you seen the box he pulled of my nightstand?"
"Not THAT kind of mad! A Madison Avenue kitten."
"We don't live on Madison Avenue."
"Are you just pretending to be stupid, Mom, or are you? He wants to go into advertising."
"Okay. How does he plan to go about that?"
"I have the photo that he wants to send to Philips. Here, look."


"Uhm ....."

P.S. People, I just don't know. My personal opinion is that the name placement is quite memorable *cough cough*, but wouldn't it be better if der Dekan showed a little more of the product in question?
I am talking about the DVD player that is actually beginning to have problems running because "someone keeps planting his big butt on there" (That is a slightly altered quote by Mom, she's usually not as sensitive as I am).
What are your thoughts on this?


  1. I think maybe der Dekan has a plan. This photo might have the same effect that Don Draper's "Why I'm quitting tobacco" letter had. "Why I won't use a DVD player anymore". That would explain the name placement. And the defiant look. Also, this is totally a very interesting cat, Draper's style.

  2. But Mom loves her DVD player! You know what a dinosaur she can be.
    Der Dekan, however, thinks it's just one more piece of furniture.
    I see rough times ahead between those two ... while I'll sit back, have popcorn and watch :-D