Thursday, June 2, 2022

Hunter or thief?

I have lived in the streets. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and decided to never go back after Mom offered me a warm bed, armchairs, rugs, and blankets almost exactly five years ago. Yup, on May 23rd, we ladies celebrated the best thing that has ever happened to Mom (and I don't care if she's trying to tell me about her other gotcha stories).
Der Dekan didn't celebrate. He didn't have time for it, there are always things to do.
That's fine with me, I like my special time with Mom. She tells me how beautiful I am - true - how lucky she was to get a gorgeous girl like me - true - and she even gave me bits of cheese - don't tell anyone, I'm not really supposed to have it, but there were no bad consequences, so don't scold her. Of course she can't resist me. Who can?
Anyway, I know where I want to stay and what I want to do and don't want to do.
I don't steal, I'm sweet, I'm as loyal as I can be, and I don't steal. Oops, did I say that twice? You know where I'm getting at, do you ..... Let me tell you a story.

It was two weeks ago.
Mom was in a whiny mood because her back had gone back out some time before, and although she could already perform the important tasks around the house again - food and water for us and our litterboxes - she still walked like an 80 year old and moaned so much that it was kind of hard to nap in peace.
Suddenly I heard her laugh out, though.
Apparently, she had looked for something in her underwear drawer and found a black undershirt that she had only worn once or twice in years, so she decided that it was time to get rid of it. She put it down next to her, but when she was done and turned around, the shirt had gone.
As it's rather a rare event for shirts to go walking on their own, she immediately knew her main suspect. He was rather small, had stripes and had been a hardcore criminal since his early youth.
When she went looking for the culprit, this is what she saw ...

A feeble attempt at hiding the goods in the usual place, his "play rug".

As she followed him through the flat, still laughing, the criminal still tried to escape with the loot. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth between the hallway and the rug - no doubt hoping for the door to freedom to open which didn't happen.

Slippery PVC is every thieving kitty's enemy, especially if both his front feet are on a shirt that makes it even worse. I really wish there were a video of this because I have to admit it made me laugh, too.
It looked to me as if this escape had not been planned very well.

In the end, the shirt ended up on the play rug from where it disappeared shortly after. Believe it or not, but it hasn't been found yet ......

Now you tell me. Is der Dekan a mighty hunter as Mom claims or is he just the little thief that I take him for?


  1. Yes, you are gorgeous. A cat always knows where it wants to be, doesn't it? I'm glad Mom and you share that special place :)

    I remembered when Mixeta slipped out the door one day (she had lived on the streets before too). When I saw her in the middle of the street all I could do was shout "Mixeta! I thought I had scared her and that she would run away, but she turned around and ran back into the house, even when I was at the door. I didn't expect that.

    Now, those pictures... Looking at them, is it possible that Der Dekan is just helping to fold the clothes correctly? And the shirt that was never found could be back in the drawer. If this is the case, I want this cat!

    1. Believe me, Mom enjoys that time just with me. No claws, no teeth, no trampoline! ;-)

      What a fright!
      Mom told me the story about Dude, her first cat, who had also lived in the streets (of California) and was so eager to get back inside. Once the door to the flat was wide open - not something she would have done in years! - and when Dude saw that, he didn't check it out, but ran and hid under the bed instead. He probably thought he was going to be thrown out, poor baby.

      I'm sorry to disappoint you.
      Der Dekan is not a folder and cleaner, he is destructive through and through. It must be in his genes to knock down as much as he possibly can.
      I guess the shirt is tucked away in some corner, maybe even inside the TV chair. We could still send him to you for a vacation ;-)

    2. Oh oh! Then don't send it. One lazy cat is enough here, LOL

    3. You wouldn't get a lazy cat, just one with his own agenda :-D
      He WILL cuddle with you when he's tired, you know .... very adorably so ...

  2. I think I've never had any cat who didn't have his own agenda, haha

    1. I guess that's what we love about them, but it does make things difficult at times! ;-)