Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet Mulder

Mom's sister is allowed to serve two feline emperors, Scully and Mulder. Even if the names don't suggest it, they are sister and brother. You wouldn't be able to tell at first glance, mind you. Scully is a black girl and Mulder is white with a tabby sweater. Mom keeps saying he didn't put on his sweater right because there's tabby on the left, but not the right front leg. Mulder keeps ignoring her.
Someone he doesn't ignore is Maru. You probably heard of Maru, after all he's a YouTube celebrity. Humans love his videos, but obviously they are not the only ones.
The following is a true story!

Mom and her sister were watching the latest Maru video. Suddenly Mulder jumped up on the table, staring at the computer screen, obviously being fascinated. After a bit he started walking around the computer to take a look behind it. As he found nothing there, he came back and walked around the computer, now taking the other side. What the ... ? Nothing there, either? Wait, maybe under the table! Poor Mulder, he seemed a little confused when there was no cat and no box.
This was not a one of a kind incident. And here's a picture in which you can see his look. He was not planted there, really.

The only other time he ever responded to a cat video was to the one of the "talking cats", but that was probably the sound.
I wonder if he's jealous of all those cool boxes. I know I am!

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