Friday, December 28, 2012

The new meds

So Esme got a new prescription, and it's not a pill this time.
"It used to be capsules, but now it's a kind of oily liquid. Cats really like it. It smells like vanilla, and probably tastes like it, too. See? She's licking her lips."

Yeah, she's licking her lips, but don't ask what she's doing before the stuff finally hits her mouth. She tosses her head like a horse and Mom has to put the death grip on her. For a cat who is so easy going about a pill that tastes disgusting (Mom speaks from own experience), she's amazingly NOT easy going about that other stuff (that Mom says is not so bad, again from own experience - it's the new IN to share meds with your cats, didn't you know ... nah, no worries, they don't actually share, but they actually do take the same kinds of meds).

The funny thing is that every self-respecting cat would try to avoid taking that stuff at all by hiding underneath the bed, in a corner that is hard to get to, or run, run, run until the weakly human is worn out (it doesn't take long).
Not Esme. She runs a few steps and then turns around and lets Mom grab her. She stays on the bed when Mom comes into the room pretending to let the shades down.
Mom says she's cute, lovely and her sweet girly. I say my sister needs some serious cat training.

Take today for example. Mom came in and wasn't fast enough. Esme looked at her and there she was underneath the bed. Well done, sis! The old lady went down on the floor looking for her. Smart little Esme was on the other side of the bed. It takes hours until the old lady is up again and ready to go to the other side, no problem for a cat to run.
What did Esme do, however? Sit down, you won't believe this. When Mom said "Oh sweetie, you know we have to do it. I don't like it any more than you do", sweetie came crawling towards her!!! Until Mom could grab her and put her on the bed. What the ... I was shocked. Three tosses of the head and twenty seconds later Esme was free to go ... licking her lips.
And thirty seconds later she was snuggling up to Mom. And five minutes later they were at the desk together, actually Esme was on the desk, and they were sitting there, Mom's cheek against Esme's forehead, in silence. They are an odd couple.

Ok, so I might be a bit jealous. I just got to hear "Oh Pon, stop that now!!!" Mom's pushing it while it's still the old year and she doesn't have to pay each time she says it ...


  1. My Mazzi gives me a real hard time whenever I have to give her a pill. Its nice to know someone out there knows how I feel about it!

    1. I think all cat people know your pain. As a cat I'm thorougly amused about that, hehe.

  2. I am amazed you can do it alone. I have to have my hubbs help. Good Esme to at least let you do it as needed. :)

    1. You have no idea. I once had to give Ponder eye drops and almost killed us both in the attempt ... four times a day!!
      It doesn't always work with Esme, either. I'm afraid today most of it ended up in her fur - I sure hope she cleaned it off - because she kept tossing her head and wiggling her body.