Friday, January 18, 2013

First floor - Cat art, flower magnets and private booths

First of all, my dear friends, I want to wish you a Happy New Year. I can't believe it has already been three weeks that I talked to you. Time flies by ... and things change.

Mom says we cats change all the time. She means she can't keep up with us. She hasn't even found out about my new favorite spot for example which is a good thing. I like to be able to disturb her, but there's no need for her to disturb me.
Meffi is different. Gee, the little lady talks up a storm these days. And of course Mom has not the slightest clue what she's talking about. Just one thing is clear. After Meffi hasn't been interested in one spot for a long time, she has suddenly changed her mind about that.
Just look at her. Doesn't she deserve to get anything she wishes for?

Now look at this. I think it was designed to be a shopping basket. Mom hates baskets for shopping, she'd rather run around with a million totes hanging from her hands, shoulder and neck if necessary than with one basket.
Nowadays this basket is
- a cat car
- a cat plane
- a private cat booth
- a cat lift

So if you wondered about today's post title, let me tell you the whole story from the beginning.
One fine day Meffi decided to use the fridge as her headquarters. She had her cat bed up there and whenever I tried to come by for a harmless little visit, she could see me from far and alert Mom by hissing, spitting and growling.
Then, after months, she moved back under the stairs where she had had her favorite hideout before. Mom didn't like that at all because Meffi liked to throw fits if she was in the mood, even if we just, ehem, walked by her with no intentions at all. It didn't do much for the peace in this house.
Meffi moved back into the kitchen, but not on the fridge. She had her spot with her cat bed and the Queen took her meals alone, not like us other three who were left to fight about each crumb we were lucky to get ("Ponder!!!! Enough now!!!! You don't want me to take a picture of your lucky little fat belly, do you?? ~ Mom).

Ignore the lady behind the curtain. The point is that a few days ago Meffi started dancing around, chattering and making pretty clear she wanted to get up on the fridge. She seemed not to be sure about that last jump - unfortunately my lady isn't as great a jumper as she used to be and sometimes she stops in the last second - so Mom put her up there.
Since then it has been an up and down and the easiest way for both of them since Mom is short and Meffi never really liked to be held is the cat lift ... which then turns into a private booth as soon as it's on the fridge. Smart, huh?
The Queen gets everything she wants in this house, so I wouldn't surprised if the kitchen would soon get furnished with an armchair, a TV and possibly a snack machine!!


  1. Wrrooommm...!

    A clever lady, this Queen Meffi.

    1. She indeed is. You have no idea how often they did this today. Up, down, up, down, up, down ... and she never gets told off while I get a good one for just walking across the keyboard once.
      (And changing all the settings by doing so!! ~ Mom)