Saturday, December 15, 2012

The many tasks of a feline supervisor

I watch the house.
I watch Mom.
I clean up after one of us felines puking, at least I try. Mom says more than once it was me leading her to the right spot because she heard me cleaning.
I keep Meffi fit (Mom told me to say that she thinks me attacking Meffi to catch her attention is NOT fitness training, but what does she know?).
I keep Greebo fit, we are on the same wrestling team.
I provide uniform wear for all the furniture in the house by changing sleeping spots a lot.
I'm the official opera singer.
I keep Mom company at the computer and help her typing ("And deleting!!" Oh, shut up, Mom, go write your own blog post.).
I officially greet all visitors to the house.

I'm just adorable.

There is so much more of course, but today I got a new task.
I'm supposed to keep Mom fit now, it seems. I just wonder what she'll look like after a while if her left arm is all muscular because I prefer her left shoulder to hang onto and her left arm to lie on. As of today I'm the offical weight. Yup, you read that right.
We started our first weight lifting training today. She didn't really expect to leave her arm alone just because it was going up and down, did she??


  1. Ponder, you are a very thoughtful, kind and considerate kitty. And very handsome, to boot.

    1. Thank you so much. It feels so good that at least someone knows how to appreciate me *glaring at Mom*