Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ponder Palmer

"What are you doing there, Ponder?"
"I'm impersonating Laura Palmer, kind of."
"You are in the plastic I just tore off the new pillow, you mean."

"Wrapped in plastic. Laura Palmer. Twin Peaks."
"I know who Laura Palmer is and you only know it thanks to my Twin Peaks marathons."
"So why are you asking?"
"Shouldn't the question be since when you are a Twin Peaks fan?"
"There will be a sequel."
"I know. I know everything."
"No, you don't. Do I have to remind you of the moments when you don't get what I want from you?"
"I meant Twin Peaks everything, not universe everything."
"First, that's not true. Second, why did you have to ask me what I am doing then? Can't you tell?"

"Get out of that plastic. I don't have time watching you and I don't want to you become a dead Laura Palmer."
"That would be true method acting, though."
"And highly unpleasant for all of us."
"Yeah, well, that's true."
"How about a damn fine cup of coffee?"
"And cherry pie?"

Of course we didn't have coffee (tea is the choice of beverage in this house) or cherry pie, but I had kibbles, and that wasn't bad, either!

P.S. For people who worry about my safety ... there was no danger. Not only were there two big holes in the plastic, but Mom didn't let me out of sight for a second.