Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I develop my designs

"Ponder, wake up. Do you want to blog today? It's time for the Jewelry Artisans Community blog carnival again."
"What's the topic?"
"How to develop your own designs."
"What designs of mine were you thinking of? My way of arranging your blankets or designing with kibble bags? How about the litterbox?"
"Your litterbox arrangements are the best. I like how you take the litter from the edges and turn it into a mountain in the middle."
"I do like that movie about the Englishman who went up a hill and came down from a mountain, you know. Pretty much the same thing, isn't it? Unfortunately my artwork is for the moment, thanks to you."
"Yes, I guess that's in the nature of litterboxes."
"You won't take a picture of it, will you?"
"No worries. So, anything else you got to offer?"
"I could throw up for you."
"Don't you dare!"
"I could make a completely new design for your carpet."
"I'm just kidding. What could I throw up? I'm starving again."
"Is that a subtle way of telling me you are hungry?"
"What a smart human you are."

Nice. First a snack and then another nap.

If you want to see what the JAC members have to say about the topic of the month, you can find them here. I doubt it will be as interesting as my litterbox art would have been, but do give them a chance.

Jewelry Art by Dawn
The Crafty Chimp
Bead Sophisticate 
Cat's Wire


  1. Ponder, are you by any chance a bosom buddy of Henri, le Chat Noir? Your remarks about the quality of your litterbox art are reminiscent of some of his pronouncements.

    1. I think I have seen two or three of his posts, but am not too familiar with it. I don't think I need to, us black cats understand each other without that.

  2. Ponder, there seems to be no limit to your talents. You never cease to amaze me!

    1. Thank you humbly, Dawn!

      P.S. Don't take that "humbly" too seriously, I'm not sure a cat can even be humble.

  3. there seems to be quite a few designing cats in this artist group

    1. Cats are everywhere and that is how it should be ;-)