Sunday, May 25, 2014


Have you wondered where I have been? Still around as always, as a matter of fact, but things have been a little hectic here.
Where should I start?

My darling Meffi is being tortured every day. She has had to spend too much time at the vet's lately, my poor girl. Thyroid, kidney, heart issues and Mom says she will dress up as a nurse because there are so many meds around. She also says it's good for Meffi what she does and no torture at all.
She - Meffi, not Mom - and Esme keep running if they suspect foul play. That woman is after them with meds, combs, and Meffi's substitute food when she has a no appetite day, a yucky looking brown fluid that Mom squirts into Meffi's mouth. Granted, Meffi used to lick it from a plate and Greebo always hoped there would be some left for him, but she broke the habit. Can't make it too easy for humans, can we?

I had to be dragged to the vet's myself, too. I had two spots, one on the belly, one under the chin and since they were not the first ones, they suspect I have the same problem as my sister. For now I got an injection and we'll see if that does it or if I have to go back again in four weeks.
Mom says for such a big cat I am being ridiculously wimpy. I just entertained everyone with my rendition of an old yodel classic. Why should I be afraid of a vet? Only because they have needles and poke me here and there and want to look down my throat? What a silly thought!

A post wouldn't be complete without pictures. You know how much we all love our scratching beds. We sleep in them, we scratch in them and we shed in them.

We are not the only ones who love them. Dina visited her neighbor Mulder a while ago and was convinced immediately by the comfort of corrugated cardboard!

Today Mom saw that one of ours is at the brink of total destruction. We try to pad it with hair as you can tell, but there's no doubt, this is a soon to be ex-cat bed.

Can you imagine her shock when she couldn't find it on the website anymore? I say if she is really the crafty lady she always pretends to be, she'd better get going and craft one herself!