Thursday, March 6, 2014

Let's have some fun

Fun from a cat's point of view ... go sleep into the cat tree cave that you never ever used before and whose opening faces the wall and is obscured by a fat sisal rope. Let Mom run through the flat a few times calling for you, looking for you under armchairs, closets, the staircase, shelves and on top of all of those, too. Do not make a sound before she finally remembers the cave (the cat tree is in a corner) and reaches around to touch your fur. Only then you let out an annoyed sound.

Extra fun ... let her go watch TV and fall asleep, wake up again, fall asleep and choose the right moment when she's closing her eyes again just for a few seconds. Then sit right in front of her face when she opens them again and immediately pin her down with your massive chest.

This is a good day.