Saturday, February 1, 2014

Scratching bed reviews

First of all let me say that instead of getting a third bed - see my last post - we only have one now.
Although I naturally know who was the culprit, I just as naturally won't tell Mom who peed on the second bed. P-E-E-D. Oh yes, big time.
Mom was completely shocked because that's something not one of us four has ever done before. Or after. The bed didn't even last one day and she can't understand it as we really do like the other one. We scratch it, we sleep on it taking turns, not all the time, but often enough to make it worth the money it cost.
Cardboard and pee doesn't go well together, though, so the other one had to go.

Today we have our old pal Mulder here, however. Mulder got his bed soon after we got ours. Mom told me that at first he only sat on it, but then he found out he fit into there perfectly. Sorry for one picture being a bit blurry. I had to include it as it shows Mulder's eyes which got him the nickname "Moon eye" at the vet's (he can do even better than this).

Last time Mom was visiting Mulder's Mom aka her big sister she was told that the interest had worn off quickly. I guess my friend heard that because he decided to go back to his bed right there and then and stay in it. He probably overheard the plans of giving the bed to us if he didn't like it! ;-)
A cat after my own heart. Never do what they expect you to do.

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