Friday, February 14, 2014


What's mine is mine, and what's yours is in fact mine as well.
Remember that, humans. You don't own anything. You are our bankers, our cleaning staff, our gardeners, our cooks, our entertainers.
You take care of our land, you buy our food from our money that we allow you to earn for us, you manage the things that we don't have time for because we have more important things to do.

Sadly Mom has still not understood this principle. "Move over, that's my spot in my bed, you can have the other side." "This is my sandwich and for once I want to eat it in peace! You don't even like this cheese." (Who is she to tell us what cheese we like or not? That's only going to make us sniff the piece she gives us after all and then leave.)
Today it was "This is my computer chair and I have to do things."
Let's take this from the beginning. Ever since Mephista The Wonderful is on drugs, ok, on meds, she's not the same anymore. Oh, she can still stand up to all of us and hiss and yell, but she has become more mellow and generous in her behavior. I have hope again that one day she'll be all mine. Sorry, I'm digressing. One of the changes is that she is turning into a regular lap cat. She had given that up many years ago, even before she got sick, so it was no small surprise to Mom to be honored with the presence of the Queen in her lap so often now. Both she and Meffi seem to enjoy it a lot. It would cut into my own computer time with Mom, but lately I have taken to sleep in a special spot on the bed. Gotta keep those humans on their toes and change habits from time to time, right?

Today Mom was packing up parcels. She's not the fastest horse in the stable, I can tell you that. Well, she got up to fetch something, turned back around and saw this.

"Meffi, this is my computer chair and I have to do things. You can sit on my lap."

"Is someone talking? I can't hear anyone."
"Meffi, seriously, move over just a little, so I can sit down."

"I can't even see anyone."
"Meffi!! Come on, time is running!!"

"Enough now, inferior human. You are about to cross a line here, and you might want to think before you really do it."

As I said, the Queen is a generous one now, however. After a while she gave in and graciously allowed Mom to sit in the chair where she has been stuck for about an hour now - her words, not mine, I think she should be overwhelmed by the honor - with Meffi in her lap.


  1. Meffi clearly needs the computer chair, you can do your things elsewhere :-)

    1. Mom is so weird about HER bed, HER chair. Humans are a bit stupid sometimes, but we'll teach her eventually.