Thursday, October 24, 2013


Life has been a rollercoaster around here lately. The worst of all was the scare that my beautiful lady gave us, though.
Mom was convinced that this was it, but just when she decided she couldn't let Meffi suffer any longer, the Queen showed her clearly who makes the decisions in this house, and it's definitely not the human. She got up and had a bite to eat.
Now she gets a pill a day, is generally being adorable except when I annoy her, and glares at Mom when she tries to put her eye meds in. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Two different eye meds five times a day because she managed to get a little wound in her eye. It's a lot better now, thank Bast, and they are down to three times a day.

Meffi in her favorite hideout these days, the tub. It has been reported that it's quite a sight when Mom is sitting in the tub, trying to get a good grip at Meffi doing her weasel impression. Sorry for the bad pic, the lighting was suboptimal that evening.

Mom keeps asking me why cats are so difficult if their humans just want to help them.
The answer is easy. We are cats!!