Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shop improvement

You know that I always participate in the monthly blog carnival of the Jewelry Artisans Community. I feel that as a master thief of valuables of all kinds I am more than predestined to do so.
Shop improvement is not really my subject, though. I'm not a shopkeeper. Come on, I'm a cat! I have people who do that for me, and those people (aka Mom) also should improve the shops that I own to make huge loads of money for me and my pals ... better cat food, better cat TV, better cat everything!
Excuse me while I try to calm down a little.

So instead of boring you with cat-unrelated stuff, I'll show you a totally random picture of a worn out Esme. Enjoy!

P.S. Oh, I forgot. Should you be interested in shops, have a look at these blogs. Fair warning ... no cats!

Jewelry Art by Dawn 
Bead Sophisticate 
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P.P.S. Mom said I'm not taking this seriously. Do you think she is being serious?


  1. Well, of course, you took it seriously. Food is serious business!

    Esme looks very comfortable in her nap. Reminds me that I need a nap after the morning nap I just had.

    I don't much get involved in shop improvements except for licking the camera. For some reason that I don't get, Mom doesn't like it when I do that.

    Your friend, Elle (the black lab)

    1. I hope you had a grand nap. Naps are ranking very high in my priorities.
      Tell your Mom to get over herself and let you help!

  2. Ponder, better cat food is a very serious topic that we should all discuss loudly and frequently with our staff. I myself recently was firm with mine about wanting wet food MUCH more frequently than I was getting it. They finally got the message this morning (they are slow, but I am tolerant).

    Dry chow is for dogs (sorry Elle).

    Your friend, Isis (the also black cat)

    1. We get both wet and dry food, and I usually prefer what I am not getting at the moment.
      Mom usually understands when I start raiding Meffi's plate while she's away. I wonder why she keeps calling me a thieving raccoon lately, though??