Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shop improvement

You know that I always participate in the monthly blog carnival of the Jewelry Artisans Community. I feel that as a master thief of valuables of all kinds I am more than predestined to do so.
Shop improvement is not really my subject, though. I'm not a shopkeeper. Come on, I'm a cat! I have people who do that for me, and those people (aka Mom) also should improve the shops that I own to make huge loads of money for me and my pals ... better cat food, better cat TV, better cat everything!
Excuse me while I try to calm down a little.

So instead of boring you with cat-unrelated stuff, I'll show you a totally random picture of a worn out Esme. Enjoy!

P.S. Oh, I forgot. Should you be interested in shops, have a look at these blogs. Fair warning ... no cats!

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P.P.S. Mom said I'm not taking this seriously. Do you think she is being serious?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Surfin' USA

It's hot. In that heat I bet I am not the only one who is dreaming of the beach, the water ... let's go surfing! It's the office and not the USA, but hey, I take what I can get.

Something is wrong here. I'm not moving. Ok, I'll go swimming in the sink then.

P.S. Mom just told me that my surfboard is actually Buster's nibble cardboard. I say board is board. It would explain the weird shape, though.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Greebo The Fabulous Melting Cat

Have a look at this amazing show! Within seconds Greebo is melting from a cat to a flat cake!!
Well done, bro! Applause, applause!

Of course after this fabulous entertainer came back down the stairs - it has been the first time by the way that he showed his act all the way up there - I still had to pounce him and make him wince. Mom was not amused. She's a spoilsport. Greebo and I love those games. Maybe I love them a bit more than he does.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hotel Mom - a rant

There used to be a time when this hotel was, well, not a five star place, but let's say a solid three star one.
Now it's struggling to even keep one star, and we are not talking the gold kind, it's more like bent and rusty these days and the gold paint is flaking off, too.
What happened?
Granted, one of the owners left. He was responsible for early breakfast service and emergency food acquisition. On the other hand he was pretty lousy regarding late night cuddles, and often he seemed to think that he was the one who had power of decision when it's so obviously us. I don't see, however, how him leaving would change the overall performance that much.

Of course this rant has a particular reason. Yesterday staff snapped at me ... more than once. That is simply intolerable. All I wanted was to lie on her wrist or hang around on the shoulder, and she kept nagging "You are too heavy, baby, my arm is going numb." or "Stop digging your claws into my shoulder, that hurts, Mr Ponder." Worst of all was her unacceptable proposition to either go away or to have my claws clipped. What the ....???? Does she really think calling me "baby" makes this any more tolerable?

I wasn't the only one who was affected, though. My poor sister just took a sweet little nap in her TV chair when staff woke her up forcibly by poking her and then shoving her towards the footrest part of the chair. When confronted she said "I didn't shove her, I gently pushed, so I could get to my blanket. She was welcome to lie down on my legs once I was done." Sure, sure. And what about when Esme finally decided to take this poor offer and got reprimanded for, I quote, "putting your big butt on my wire spool". It was her head, not her butt, and it's a very cute and pretty round head.
Next Greebo tried to take his spot on the chair, or on the staff as she happens to fill up the chair once she's in it, and there she goes absolutely berserk and throws both of them off. Her excuse? "I had to get up." Well, get up, lady, but let (almost) sleeping cats lie!

Really bad is the food situation. Can you imagine that at this very moment when I am sitting here, writing this, starving slowly, all there is in the house are
- cat snack sticks (organic and absolutely inedible!!)
- cat snacks (that we don't eat)
- a small portion of dry food
- Esme's meds
I don't care if she keeps telling me that a big parcel will arrive later this day. She doesn't have to show me the e-mail saying that the parcel has been put into the mail truck, and there's no need to tell me that she would have gone to the store for an emergency buy if there had been any doubt about the food being delivered today. Along with the cat litter, by the way. We are on emergency litter at the moment. There are always a few bags of it, in case we run out of the regular stuff (organic, but in this case acceptable) for whatever reason (whatever reason = stuff being ordered too late). It's white and blue and it makes strange crackly sounds when you step on it. The verdict is still out on it.
Back to the food. Fact is that Meffi got the last mushy food and we others got so little dry food that I had to raid Meffi's plate when she was gone for a second and then throw everything up on the hallway floor. That obviously means that none of us had much food at all. Maybe I should say the word again, it's really important ... food.

Worst of all is this, though. The flying carpet won't start. AGAIN!!