Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chillax, Moooooom! or A game of hide and seek

Nothing can freak out Mom more than when one of us is hiding. We like to hide. Meffi sleeps under the bed or in the bathroom, now even more because it's so hot and she avoids the cat beds and blankets. Esme hides under the TV armchair. Black and black works perfectly, it took Mom a while to figure that one out. Greebo rarely hides, he sleeps on the table or the laundry chest.

Today I took the prize, though. That's what Mom said. It was actually very funny hearing her running through all of the rooms, looking under the bed, looking in the wardrobe four times although I had vacated that spot way before she shut the door again, checking the window in the bathroom that wasn't even open and yelling for me.
What's interesting about that was that she rudely shut me down this morning when I was running through the flat singing to the world from the window sill.

Finally she found me. She looked pathetic, panting from the heat like a dog even more than the last few days, bangs glued to her forehead and a drop of sweat running down her nose. I have to admit I was amused.
You want to know where I was? Well, in the spot that Mom explicitly kept for us to hide of course! It's not my fault she's a lousy seeker! ;-)


  1. That's a great hiding spot, Ponder! Your mom must have been in a panic trying to find you.

    If I could jump higher and if I was smaller, I'd hide in a post like that too. Oh wait...I'm a dog which means I'm terrible at pulling tricks like that on my mom.

    Your friend, Elle.

    1. Elle, Elle, Elle, you need the special Ponder Stibbons training program. It's ok to be nice to our humans, but from time to time it is necessary to show them their limits and to make them understand that it's really US who run the show!