Friday, June 28, 2013

Time flies

"Einszweidrei! im Sauseschritt, läuft die Zeit; wir laufen mit." That's what the German humorist Wilhelm Busch said in 1877, translated that could be "One-two-three, in hasty race, time is running, we keep pace." as I found elsewhere.

These pictures of my sister and me were taken merely eight years (seven years, ten months, two weeks and three days if you want the exact time) ago.
We had invaded the household not long before that and captured hearts immediately. How could we not, just look at us! Are we adorable in this picture or are we ADORABLE? I'm the taller one, by the way. The picture was taken when we were sitting at the second floor window that became one of our favorite spots because pigeons liked to fly close by. When we grew older, we felt they did it on purpose to taunt us. Even though Mom agreed on that, we couldn't convince her to take the cat net off the window. 

These pictures were taken two days ago. We might have changed since then. Just a tiny teensy bit. We both grew, we both gained some weight, but we didn't lose our curiosity. That time we were looking out of the side window on the first floor (the second floor has been lost to us for quite some time now, but that's ok, we could handle that amazingly fast, much to Mom's joy and relief), and it was 5 am. Outside doesn't just look dark because it was obviously dark, but also because the house there is under construction at the moment which means lots of scaffolds, plastic covers and stuff.

 Boy, we sure had some fun in these eight years.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chillax, Moooooom! or A game of hide and seek

Nothing can freak out Mom more than when one of us is hiding. We like to hide. Meffi sleeps under the bed or in the bathroom, now even more because it's so hot and she avoids the cat beds and blankets. Esme hides under the TV armchair. Black and black works perfectly, it took Mom a while to figure that one out. Greebo rarely hides, he sleeps on the table or the laundry chest.

Today I took the prize, though. That's what Mom said. It was actually very funny hearing her running through all of the rooms, looking under the bed, looking in the wardrobe four times although I had vacated that spot way before she shut the door again, checking the window in the bathroom that wasn't even open and yelling for me.
What's interesting about that was that she rudely shut me down this morning when I was running through the flat singing to the world from the window sill.

Finally she found me. She looked pathetic, panting from the heat like a dog even more than the last few days, bangs glued to her forehead and a drop of sweat running down her nose. I have to admit I was amused.
You want to know where I was? Well, in the spot that Mom explicitly kept for us to hide of course! It's not my fault she's a lousy seeker! ;-)