Friday, May 24, 2013


Gee, it has been a month since I last posted. Sorry. We have been pretty lazy around here the last weeks ...
Well, this month's topic at JAC is "Orange". Make something with the color orange. Well, I don't "make". So I thought I'd show you a picture of Buster eating an orange carrot instead.
Much more interesting anyway ...

If you want to read some serious posts about orange, you can find them here:
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  1. Buster and his orange carrot is one of the sweetest photos ever! Buster certainly got into the spirit of the orange challenge, didn't he? I like how the carrot picks up the orangy-red in the beautiful rug too!

    1. Buster is a big fan of orange and green which makes him a big fan of carrots. He'll be happy to tag along in the blog carnival as long as the "money" (aka veggies) is right!