Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You've got a friend

Hum along if you know the song while reading another tale of crime, catastrophes and friendship.

Let's start with the catastrophes. Both Mom and I have been terribly lazy bloggers lately. There are several things that kept us - lack of motivation, laziness and general headdesking (is that a word?).
To be open about it, Mom was the one who mostly did the last one while I supervised it to make sure she didn't put any big dents in one of my favorite napping spots.
I'll spare you the whole story of blocked sinks, pipe cleaning guys, water under the sink, home remedies, plumber cracks, lying around on the kitchen floor, using up a lot of kitchen roll ... let me just say we knock on as much wood as we can find to make sure that is over now. Meffi is tired of having to vacate her kitchen spots, Esme is tired of having to hide under the duvet while Greebo is sitting under the bed ... and I'm tired of Mom whining. If someone is allowed to whine here, it's me, if only because it's fun to drive Mom nuts while she is trying to find out what I want, hehe.

And now to the crime section. All I'll say is Swedish chicken and a hungry cow cat. When will Mom learn to put the complete food order away? She got up because she suspected Buster was nibbling on the last box in his room, instead she found Greebo in the box outside of Buster's room.
The funny part about it is that from that moment on Greebo has been refusing to touch the Swedish chicken mostly.

You know that Buster is free to run again, do you? The cage you see in the picture is just the place where he has his food, water, some of his toys and the spot where he can read his morning paper, ehem. He really seems to love his room, and we visit him a lot, even Meffi has taken up the habit to stay with him.
If you need proof of a beautiful friendship, here it is - Esme, Buster and Greebo.
Unfortunately Mom was too slow to get the camera and I still have that opposable thumb problem meaning I don't have one. If she was quicker, you would have seen pictures of Buster trying to get up on Esme's back. It was adorable, I guess. At least I Mom said awwww a lot.

See you around soon for this month's JAC blog ring, and who knows, maybe I'll share some pictures with you before that. I do have a load in my special cat folder that need editing.
Have a good time until then!


  1. Love seeing Buster and you kitties together. His new cage looks wonderful. Funny how plumbing cracks seem to be a universal experience. Ever try putting your cold wet nose up against one? It's hilarious to see what happens.

    Hopefully, the kitchen will be back to normal soon. My mom has lost it over the new wood floors. It works out good for me cuz she keeps giving me bigger and thicker blankets cuz she says my toenails might scratch the floor. Heh. I keep pushing the boundaries by laying on the very edges of the new blanket, so then she gets a bigger one. At this rate, I'll take over the entire kitchen soon!

    The only thing I'm not crazy about is when she brings out the dremel to grind down my toenails. She says it'll help protect the floors, but that thing tickles!

    Your friend, Elle (the black lab)

    1. You should the scratches in all of our floors, Elle. Mom is very forgiving and only shakes her head in that tired way sometimes ... and she rolls her eyes a lot.
      Take over that kitchen, gal!!

      From time to time Mom tries to clip Greebo's and my claws. She won't even try on the girls anymore. Not that we always let her do it, at least not in one go!

  2. I figure Mom will give up eventually once the newness wears off. Try nibbling her knuckles when she tries to clip your nails - makes mine let go of my toes quickly!

    Your friend, Elle. (the black lab)

    1. I bite, but she knows I never bite hard, so tht won't stop her. Maybe I'll need you to come over and help me out. I'll use Mom's credit card to get you a plane ticket!