Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer? Fall?

Mom had a crazy idea. Every month her jewelry forum, the Jewelry Artisans Community, has a blog carnival which means a bunch of people are writing about one subject.
This month the subject is the transition from summer to fall and she asked me for my opinion about that.

We are all inside cats which means we mostly experience seasons through the open windows, the scent in the air, the clothes Mom is wearing and we shed our hair on, the fact if the heater is turned on or off.

What's most important however is that Mom likes to put a blanket over her legs when sitting at the computer, but not in summer. I lovingly call that my hammock. I don't like it on her lap without the blanket, she's all bumpy and uncomfortable to lie on, at least when she's working at the computer. The hammock is perfect and I love that it's back now!

I would ask what the other three think about it, but they are all fast asleep - preparing for hibernation already maybe?

Do you want to know what the others have to say about fall?
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  1. Glad you have your hammock back, Ponder. It's no fun laying on something that's lumpy and bumpy. You look very comfy!

    1. As I should because I deserve it!

    2. Of course, you deserve it, Ponder.

      *backs away slowly*

  2. Maybe I should try a cat hammock for my lap when I'm typing... Ellie-Mae (who actually looks exactly like you) would be much happier if my lap expanded to a decent size!

    1. Mom says it's funny because a hammock is usually connected with summer while it's a fall/winter thing here.
      You should try it and let me know what Ellie-Mae says!