Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Dell box

Mom didn't think this box was interesting at all, flat and boring as it is, but what do humans know?
Often when she is sitting at the computer now, she hears a noise and with all the packed boxes around that Greebo so likes to use as scratching posts, her instinct kicks in and she yells "Stop it!!" Then she turns around and apologizes to whatever cat just took its seat in the "boring" box.

Usually it's Esme. She loves that thing, can you tell?
She can hold hands with her wooden buddy and tell him about her day, maybe her wishes and dreams and how much the food has been sucking again in this house lately (don't let her sweet little belly distract you from the fact that she's very much malnourished, starving, neglected and has to work so much around here).
I can imagine her saying "You are so lucky, my friend. You don't need food. You don't need snuggles and love at 3 in the morning. It's not easy for a kitty like me."

And sometimes, if I have been really good to her, she lets me sit in there, too. (Yeah, so I AM an attention whore and have problems to blog without including a picture of my gorgeousness! Deal with it!)


  1. Your gorgeusness (and Esme's) deserve all the pictures it can get. That's it!

    1. One person who understands me *happy sigh-purr* Thank you, Mercè!