Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Weird things have been happening in Pondertown, I already told you about some of them. Big changes are lying ahead of us.

I should have known, there have been strange signs. I'm not an augur, I don't read the innards of small critters - mostly because Mom won't let me visit the gerbils (even if I was allowed to supervise the cage cleaning today) eye to innards - but seriously, in all of my seven years on Earth this is something I haven't seen before.
Not that it lasted for long, but long enough for Mom to grab her camera and save the memory for future generations.

Meffi and Greebo underneath the desk, side by side, furs touching. I think I'll better surf the internet for some good spaceship offers now!!


  1. Their expressions are priceless :D

    1. You should have seen Ponder's and my expression! I think it was close to eyes rolling across the floor ;-)