Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Used Year!

I'm sorry for not saying Happy New Year. It's not that new anymore now. I have to admit I'm responsible for one or the other chip coming off already and so are my friends.
What have we been up to, let me think.

Meffi was being a good girl, I don't have a picture of her right now. Maybe I should say she's too smart to not escape the camera. She wasn't that good when she slapped me today. Be assured that I was being a gentleman, so there was no reason for that.

Greebo is as relaxed as always ... as long as the kitchen doesn't close in this house. He really checks out everything for edibility. I'm surprised he didn't try to eat the furniture yet!

Little sister Esme is practising being a watchcat and pursuing her goal to keep Mom off the computer.


I'm busy, busy, busy. It's not easy being the boss.
You have to explore places (why are all the cabinets etc. always locked up here??) ...

... you have to always be on top of things (this box is empty!) ...

... lay low and watch ...

... and sometimes take measurements to keep people from telling secrets (even little vinyl ones)!


  1. Being the boss is a huge responsibility, only the smartest cats can be the boss.

    1. Exactly! It's good to know humans who understand, thank you!

  2. What a cute cat! My home cat's name is Mazzi. You will find some of my animals in my blog:

    1. Thank you, Irith. I'm sure Mom will want to read your blog with me (if she hasn't already, that's a shame!).

  3. Oops. I posted as Mom again. Be assured she had no hand in this. Well, beside taking the pics, of course.

  4. Hey ponder dear, Kaya my friend says "Thank you" for thinking she is beautiful. Tell your mom that I'd like her to "join my site" too )if she doesn't mind that of course)!