Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rub my belly and ...

.... I'll show you my foot. Actually I might try to shove the foot in your face if you rub my belly or not.
This picture was taken just now during one of my stretching exercises. I can't help it if Mom gets in my way. You remember she only gives me a quarter of the desk. You have to admit however that I have cute toes.

I also got some good news. Although Esme won't get off her meds, she got rid of the cone and she's her old lovable self again. Ok, she could fight a little harder when she's getting her mouth stuffed with pills, but all in all it's my little sister again. Her ear is almost healed up, she even let me clean it for her today and we didn't fight afterwards. Instead she got into a quarrel between Meffi and Greebo. I wish you could seen her, her tail was as bushy as that of a fox. Quite amazing.
Thank you for all the good thoughts, it seems they helped!

Ok, gotta go. I need a nap. All that hard work I have to do here, you  know ...

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