Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have you missed us?

I'm sorry. Things have been very busy around here. Esme led a life on the run because she wanted to avoid the spot above her eye to be treated with some kind of herbal cream. Meffi changed favorite spots and started trying out life as a troll under the bridge (or a cat under the stairs), hidden behind a Steiff tiger and a sheep. Greebo not only had to be aware of every noise indicating that someone entered the kitchen, but also had to check out the best ways to snuggle up to human legs in bed.
I had to supervise all of that and in addition the humans of course. Sometimes it was so tiring I had to sleep three or four hours in one session!! That's hard work, I tell you.

Mom and Dad were not quite as busy even if they tried to convince us of the opposite. Do you think however they would have managed to take some pictures of what goes on here? The camera was used for all kinds of things, but not for the purpose it was made for - to take photos of the masters.
Today I put my feet down, all four of them. I had a long talk with Mom while walking around on some of her more tender body parts and made clear to her that things can simply NOT go on this way or there will be consequences. I know that "firing" is not a nice word, but it clearly shook her up.
See for yourself.

This is Mom's vintage cabinet with the roll front. She keeps all her office stuff in there, envelopes, stamps and stuff like that. If you look very closely however, you'll see something purple in the upper right corner. Exactly - kitty snacks. I'm almost a little embarrassed to say that whenever she opens this cabinet, all three of us come running ... Esme, Greebo and me (Meffi stays downstairs playing the troll). And if she leaves it open for a while because she needs more than one thing, there's always one of us waiting ...

"I can see it. Now if she turns away for just a few seconds, the loot will be mine."

"Moooom, you pushed me! See how weak I am? I know something that would help. It's up there!"

"What do you mean, I had already enough?? I'll have to think about that."

"Hey, Mom ... thanks for giving me just one more kibble. I promise I won't tell the others. Ssshhh."

I got Mom back to the camera, now I need to work on teach Greebo how not to be such a little suck-up!!

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