Friday, August 5, 2011

Peace, quiet and books

It's true. My sister and I are addicted to books or rather the space behind the books. Mom really has to be careful when taking out a book, before she shuts the door, she needs to check first if no black cat sneaked in. She learned the hard way after looking for Esme once. Not that Esme cared, she slept and didn't even complain when she was released.

The other day Mom heard noises and after watching me trying to open the door, she finally had the idea to get out the camera (she's a little slow at the moment) ...

Isn't it a shame there is no privacy in the house? And as if was not enough taking the video of Esme trying to lock me in, Mom had to peek in and take two pictures of me when I was only trying to get some peace *sigh*

Just wait, soon she will be gone on vacation and I intend to prepare some surprises for when she'll come back, hehe!

1 comment:

  1. Excellent glare you've got going there, my friend. Pity in this house, I don't have the ability to hide behind the books on the bookcases, Momma has so many they're double stacked.