Saturday, July 30, 2011

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You probably noticed. Things have gone very slowly here. We - the masters of the house - have been neglected pretty much. "No, don't dance around on my ribs, that hurts." "I'm sorry, but I'm too tired to snuggle/play/cuddle/*insert other things here* with you." This isn't dirty talk, this was a tired Mom. Her feet were hurting, her brain was empty, her energy level was at -156, but hey ... that's not really our problem, is it? We are not toys you can leave in the corner. So we did dance around on her, snuggled up to her and raised hell in the wee hours of the morning when we were hungry, just to make her see we could.
Can you believe I even had restricted access to the computer because she wouldn't even turn it on?
I can only hope these times are over again now. If you think I am writing this myself, you are wrong. I'm stretched out on the desk, my head on my secretary's hand, mentally dictating this post to her (and I sure wish she wouldn't make so many typos, that would speed things up!).

Soooo - what else happened here?
Let's start with Esme. She has started to pursue a new career as a book guardian. It happened accidentally. She had wrapped herself around one of those wooden posts when Mom and Dad came in with a visitor. Esme doesn't like visitors much, at least not without a warning. She likes to watch them for a while first. So she tried to blend in with the bookends. Not very convincing if you ask me, but they indeed didn't notice her for quite a while. When they finally did, Esme "unwrapped" herself and went back into sculpture mode. I have to give her that, even if she doesn't look like a bookend, she's doing a pretty good guarding job.

The only productive thing Mom has done lately is this cuff in memory of a wonderful cat - ME! She loves this picture and when she was lured into the bead looming cave where people have a hard time to find out again, her friend Erin, the Queen of the Bead Loom, made a pattern from it.
Now I caught her staring at Merlin's and Gandalf's picture a lot and I can hear her brain creaking. Can't be long before we see steam coming out of her head.
Here is the original and the imitation. She wanted to take a picture of me looking at it, but I tried to steal it. What was she thinking? Does she still not know me?

I think I'm tired now and need a nap. Wicked plans take time and lots of brain and I don't want to overheat! ;-)

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  1. Now I want Esmee even more, my personal book guardian!!