Sunday, June 5, 2011


No respect, I tell you, they have no respect at all for me here in this house.
Now Dr. Greebo is holding his psychiatric sessions with Mom on MY desk. Frankly I doubt he'll be able to help her. She has issues, I mean, she's a human! She will always feel inferior looking at feline intelligence, elegance and overall perfection.
Here are pictures of the session, not showing the rather unattractive patient (with a knitting needle and a paint brush in her hair, poor deluded creature, she's not an epitome of fashion).

"Go ahead, I'm listening. Tell me about last night's dream."

"Say what? Lady, you have the weirdest dreams."

"Actually you are getting a little boring now. I think I'll have to take a nap."

After that he needed a timeout in the sun, guarded by his old pal, the huge tiger.

Of course I still had to punish him for treading on my territory. Cos that's the way we kitty men roll. Can you see Esme checking out what's going on, but not participating. She is SUCH a girl.

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  1. Cat politics, I love it... Esme says 'oh look, the human prepared my chair for me again. Time for a bath." (or was that Ponder... sorry couldn't tell who was who.)