Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guilt trip

So Mom has this bunny stapler that she went so crazy about when she found it on the internet, ok? And being a stapler this bunny lives on Mom's desk. My desk actually. That bunny is taking away precious cat space. Hey, I am a long cat and when I stretch - well, I still think Mom could move over a bit. Like to the next desk maybe or the small table she used to use before she got this one.

Ok, let's make this a short story. I stretched and bunny flew right off on the desk. Bang! Uh-oh. That was not a good sound. Not a reason to most rudely push me off the desk, mind you! And the reproachful look combined with a "PONDER!!" wasn't necessary, either. I was here before that bunny. I'm not sure if I'm a Monty Python fan, anyway. They made fun of cats more than once you know.
Now bunny lost his tail. Funny, I would have thought the teeth to go first.
Anyway, Mom threatened to sell me once again, then she called her sister to tell her I would have to move in with her. Her sister didn't answer, but somehow I don't think I'm quite off the hook yet although I am sitting on the desk again now. She refused to snuggle me and she keeps giving me those looks. Ordered from the US ... blablabla ... shipping ... blablabla ... next thing she's going to get out some coconut halves to explain it.

I don't see the problem ... some of Mom's friend made some good suggestions. A wire crochet tail, cotton ball tail. I think she should put snacks into the hole for me to get back out again. Humans make things so difficult.


  1. bwhahahahaha, good points Ponder!

  2. I'm thinking that is an excellent place for tuna snax, Pon. Those really nice chewy kind with the great tuna after taste. (excuse my drool, I love those things) Or maybe even some catnip. Humans definitely make things difficult, mine can be so flighty sometimes.

  3. Well, it's true. You were first, it's your desk, and you need all available space because... because you need it, it's a cat thing!

  4. Py, can you believe Mom tried to tell me she needed to post this because she "couldn't log out"?
    I swear she is doing anything to make my life harder!

  5. another feline casuality....oh my! poor bunny! just stuff that tail with a big wad of cotten....an inside you can hide stuff from cat burgulars *lol*
    That stapler is adorable!

  6. Ponder, I'm sure she'll get over it soon enough...then she'll be all snuggly again...until the next mishap...don't take it to heart...that's just what people are like!

  7. Yea, Ponder. Humans act really silly sometimes. Using the bunny to hold tuna snacks is brilliant; if anyone can convince her, you're the man...ehm, cat!