Saturday, March 5, 2011

You think you know us ...

Cuddly and cute, that's how we look on the outside. Don't ever forget our heritage, though. Inside of each one of us, may it be the most spoilt high breed, award winning couch potato cat, there's the soul of a tiger.
You don't believe me? Let me show you.

Greebo couldn't harm anyone. Just look at him, so innocent. I bet 75 % of you cat lovers go "awwwww" when seeing this picture. Admit it.

Sometimes he's a little silly, but how do you know he's not just acting to make you feel safe? "Ooooh, the kitty needs more fiber. I bet you don't feed him enough. He is so cute!" Have you ever thought about him practising for when he'll bite you?

Then, one night you look up and you see this. Where has your cuddly little Greebo gone? Where does this underworld monster come from?? You better run fast now.

Didn't run fast enough, eh? It's too late now. The last thing you will see is this. Fare thee well. You were not a bad human at all ....


  1. I think Greebo has a distant relative in California. Our black and white Dominic looks almost just like him. He originally was a stray, but we took pity on him and let him move in with us (much to the horror of the two black cats already in residence). Dominic has decided that he likes the life of an overfed house cat very much. Dominic also has terrible asthma, and had to be put on medication for it. And, more than any other cat we've known, he has a nasty temper that comes out of nowhere. Underworld monster indeed! Ponder, I'd keep well away from those claws if I were you!

  2. Ponder asks if you want to see the wound on his neck from when he did NOT keep away from those claws ...

    Thanks for sharing and tell Dominic to hang in there. Asthma is no fun for a little tiger. Not even if he is wearing a "cow costume".
    Cow cats rule! ;-)