Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special gifts

People like me. I'm not saying that to brag, it just is that way. In the background I can hear Mom yelling: "They don't have to live with you, you brat!" Go away, Mom, this is my blog, complain on your own one!
I'm an outgoing and friendly cat, I like to be around people and I'm funny.

Here you see me mingling with my pals on top of the bookcase. I have to visit them from time, it gets boring up there. So the T. Rex took a dive, but that was his own fault for not clinging on to the bride teddy bear. Mom heard the klonk sound when I jumped and then she had the guts to stand there and laugh at me when I started to sound maybe just a tiny bit desperate. Of course I can jump down just as well as up, but it takes a little longer. Mom is not funny. She offered me to call the fire brigade to come and help me down!

Ok, back to the subject. People like me. Sometimes people bring or send me gifts. One of my favorite ones is this crocheted cloth. I love it. It's lying on Mom's desk to make clear that this is my spot. I think that desk needs something like a brass plaque saying "Ponder's spot", if only to show Esme and Greebo who both regularly take over ... oops, sorry. Back again to the subject.
It was such a surprise for me when the cloth arrived from the USA. Can you believe it? All the way to Germany? For me?

By the way, you can get your own cloths, probably not to lie down on, though. Mom uses she ones she got in the tub or for dusting, she's way too big. Check out C Turtlez Odds N Endz. Thank you again, ladies!

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