Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There are those days when we just want to hide.
Not me of course, I never have had a sad day in my life. Sad moments, yes. When Mom took me to the vet's for my skin problem (no snickering in the back rows please, it was NOT a zit and it was not puberty-related!), I was very sad because I felt she betrayed me. Sitting on her head when the vet came in made me feel a little happier again. The fact that they needed three people to hold me during the examination made me even happier.

Still I would like to show you it's okay to hide sometimes, sort out your thoughts and feelings and come back out a little wiser hopefully.

How not to be seen. I guess that didn't work well, Gandalf.
When I build it (the perfect fishing hut), they will come. (Pictures of Greebo's success will be posted later. Or never.)
Esme? No Esme here. Just us plush animals.
Pay no attention to that cat behind the curtain (sssh, her name is Meffi).
'Nuff said.
The truth is in there. Out there, I mean. If this leads to a parallel universe. I can always use new experiences for new posts.

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  1. I love this post Ponder. I can so relate to it. I just felt the need to hide myself today. I wish I had one of your cozy hiding places. I really like the Wii box but I'm afraid my bunnies wouldn't fit in it either. <3