Saturday, March 26, 2011

My sister is weird ...

(I will tell you why in another post) .... and still I let her sleep on my cloth on my desk. I'm such a thoughtful and understanding big brother.
Of course I took her favorite window sill spot first, but now I'm awake and I still didn't chase her down from the desk. I only stepped on her head once. A certain human was too slow to take a picture of that, so she can't sue me. She doesn't count as an eye witness. Her glasses look so dirty, it's a miracle she even found the way up here. Why don't humans have any sense of basic decency? I'm digressing, sorry.

Can you tell how much Esme is enjoying this special spot? I think I have to be careful, not that she'll be getting too used to it!

Let me see, what is on my to-do list now? First - cleaning myself. Check. Second - sit on Dad's computer keyboard, so it will go from standby to online. Let Mom see what he has been checking out last. Schedules for the Formula 1 broadcast on TV. She's rolling her eyes. I have to agree, racing cars don't do much for me, either. Now if I had my own one ...
Wait, I think it's time to take some action here.

Down with you, sister. You are getting a little too cozy here now!

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