Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revenge is my middle name

Everyone who has only the slightest knowledge about cats knows we don't like limits of any kinds.
We don't like to be limited in snuggling time, no matter if it's 2.30 am and you need to go work the next day.
We don't like to be limited in space by shut and sometimes even locked doors, no matter if you claim you don't need hair in your polymer clay. What about yourself? Your hair is much longer and of course not as nice as our luxurious furs.
We don't like to be limited foodwise. If we want junk food, give us junk food and don't try to convince us that the Swedish food is so much healthier for us. Don't try to hide that cookie, I have seen it, junk food lady!

Today however Mom topped all of that. Just a moment, let me take a deep breath, I am still too shocked.
She actually built a fence between me and the computer! You don't believe me?? Well, here you go!

I just wanted to keep her company by walking back and forth a bit while telling her the latest kitty news when she suddenly said it was enough and put up this ... this ... thing. Not exactly a highlight in structural engineering, but at first I was so confused I could just sit there and stare. Do you think she cared? She dared to laugh at me!

Then I carefully stepped across the biggest gap in the back right onto the keyboard, turned around and knocked the stupid thing over. For a teeny, tiny moment I got jumpy and guess what ... oh yes, she was lying in her chair, laughing like a madwoman.

Like I already said above, revenge is my middle name. When she tried to go to bed and sleep, I sang the "Neglected Cat Aria" from the opera I'm working on. Finally she got up again. That's a good start, but it's not over yet .......

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My sister is weird ...

(I will tell you why in another post) .... and still I let her sleep on my cloth on my desk. I'm such a thoughtful and understanding big brother.
Of course I took her favorite window sill spot first, but now I'm awake and I still didn't chase her down from the desk. I only stepped on her head once. A certain human was too slow to take a picture of that, so she can't sue me. She doesn't count as an eye witness. Her glasses look so dirty, it's a miracle she even found the way up here. Why don't humans have any sense of basic decency? I'm digressing, sorry.

Can you tell how much Esme is enjoying this special spot? I think I have to be careful, not that she'll be getting too used to it!

Let me see, what is on my to-do list now? First - cleaning myself. Check. Second - sit on Dad's computer keyboard, so it will go from standby to online. Let Mom see what he has been checking out last. Schedules for the Formula 1 broadcast on TV. She's rolling her eyes. I have to agree, racing cars don't do much for me, either. Now if I had my own one ...
Wait, I think it's time to take some action here.

Down with you, sister. You are getting a little too cozy here now!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet Mulder

Mom's sister is allowed to serve two feline emperors, Scully and Mulder. Even if the names don't suggest it, they are sister and brother. You wouldn't be able to tell at first glance, mind you. Scully is a black girl and Mulder is white with a tabby sweater. Mom keeps saying he didn't put on his sweater right because there's tabby on the left, but not the right front leg. Mulder keeps ignoring her.
Someone he doesn't ignore is Maru. You probably heard of Maru, after all he's a YouTube celebrity. Humans love his videos, but obviously they are not the only ones.
The following is a true story!

Mom and her sister were watching the latest Maru video. Suddenly Mulder jumped up on the table, staring at the computer screen, obviously being fascinated. After a bit he started walking around the computer to take a look behind it. As he found nothing there, he came back and walked around the computer, now taking the other side. What the ... ? Nothing there, either? Wait, maybe under the table! Poor Mulder, he seemed a little confused when there was no cat and no box.
This was not a one of a kind incident. And here's a picture in which you can see his look. He was not planted there, really.

The only other time he ever responded to a cat video was to the one of the "talking cats", but that was probably the sound.
I wonder if he's jealous of all those cool boxes. I know I am!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...

... lend me your ears!

I am not Mark Antony and most - if not all - of you are no Romans, but I got your attention, didn't I?
Have you missed me and my exciting life? It hasn't been that exciting lately, though. Mom often came home late and she did not spend much quality computer time with me. And when she did, she kept telling me to stop fighting with the others or she would have to buy me a helmet. Pfff, what are one or two little holes? I'm tough.
Also could you imagine what a helmet would do to my beautiful fur? Hat fur! No way, lady.

Don't worry, I'll be back. I have been collecting stories from my pals outside this house, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There are those days when we just want to hide.
Not me of course, I never have had a sad day in my life. Sad moments, yes. When Mom took me to the vet's for my skin problem (no snickering in the back rows please, it was NOT a zit and it was not puberty-related!), I was very sad because I felt she betrayed me. Sitting on her head when the vet came in made me feel a little happier again. The fact that they needed three people to hold me during the examination made me even happier.

Still I would like to show you it's okay to hide sometimes, sort out your thoughts and feelings and come back out a little wiser hopefully.

How not to be seen. I guess that didn't work well, Gandalf.
When I build it (the perfect fishing hut), they will come. (Pictures of Greebo's success will be posted later. Or never.)
Esme? No Esme here. Just us plush animals.
Pay no attention to that cat behind the curtain (sssh, her name is Meffi).
'Nuff said.
The truth is in there. Out there, I mean. If this leads to a parallel universe. I can always use new experiences for new posts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special gifts

People like me. I'm not saying that to brag, it just is that way. In the background I can hear Mom yelling: "They don't have to live with you, you brat!" Go away, Mom, this is my blog, complain on your own one!
I'm an outgoing and friendly cat, I like to be around people and I'm funny.

Here you see me mingling with my pals on top of the bookcase. I have to visit them from time, it gets boring up there. So the T. Rex took a dive, but that was his own fault for not clinging on to the bride teddy bear. Mom heard the klonk sound when I jumped and then she had the guts to stand there and laugh at me when I started to sound maybe just a tiny bit desperate. Of course I can jump down just as well as up, but it takes a little longer. Mom is not funny. She offered me to call the fire brigade to come and help me down!

Ok, back to the subject. People like me. Sometimes people bring or send me gifts. One of my favorite ones is this crocheted cloth. I love it. It's lying on Mom's desk to make clear that this is my spot. I think that desk needs something like a brass plaque saying "Ponder's spot", if only to show Esme and Greebo who both regularly take over ... oops, sorry. Back again to the subject.
It was such a surprise for me when the cloth arrived from the USA. Can you believe it? All the way to Germany? For me?

By the way, you can get your own cloths, probably not to lie down on, though. Mom uses she ones she got in the tub or for dusting, she's way too big. Check out C Turtlez Odds N Endz. Thank you again, ladies!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

You think you know us ...

Cuddly and cute, that's how we look on the outside. Don't ever forget our heritage, though. Inside of each one of us, may it be the most spoilt high breed, award winning couch potato cat, there's the soul of a tiger.
You don't believe me? Let me show you.

Greebo couldn't harm anyone. Just look at him, so innocent. I bet 75 % of you cat lovers go "awwwww" when seeing this picture. Admit it.

Sometimes he's a little silly, but how do you know he's not just acting to make you feel safe? "Ooooh, the kitty needs more fiber. I bet you don't feed him enough. He is so cute!" Have you ever thought about him practising for when he'll bite you?

Then, one night you look up and you see this. Where has your cuddly little Greebo gone? Where does this underworld monster come from?? You better run fast now.

Didn't run fast enough, eh? It's too late now. The last thing you will see is this. Fare thee well. You were not a bad human at all ....