Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The sound

I'm a loud cat. I don't mind admitting that. It's my Siamese heritage (even if no one knows if I really have one, but I like the story and it's the one I'll stick with).
Name a sound, I might have it in my repertoire already. If not, I'm happy to add it, especially if it's one which gets me everything I want.
My biggest success is the sound I learned a few months ago. It's hard to describe. It's some kind of high-pitched whine which clearly shows I am the poorest cat in the whole wide world and I need immediate feeding/play time/light love (desk sitting with being talked to)/medium love (lap sitting with light petting)/heavy-duty love (shoulder sitting with arms around me and a face in my fur plus being told how wonderful and unique I am). The fun thing is that Mom and Dad never know what it is that I want. Sometimes I do it just to taunt them. Why should they sleep when I am wide awake? Of course once Mom gives up (it's usually her as she likes to keep the peace), I usually go to sleep.
Sometimes I also do it when they are both at the computer. Then it means "Pet me. Now!" To make things a little more difficult for them, I stay on the floor, never in reach, and when they get up, I run away.
Now Mom found a method that works for us both, though - a folding rule! She can reach me without her running after me or almost falling out of the computer chair, and not only do I love when she carefully pets me with it, not too hard, not too soft, but when I'm getting tired of petting, I can catch it and play with it!
Hm. She is not as stupid as I thought her to be although she's a human.

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  1. Ponder, you are spoiled rotten!! And I'm sure it is completely deserved! ;-)