Friday, February 18, 2011

The main characters - Meffi

Ah, Meffi .... I am not ashamed to say it. I have been in love with Meffi since I first set eyes on her. The tiger stripes, the cute little face, the way her hips are swinging when she walks or the way her tail fluffs up when she is really mad at me - although she is the smallest one around here with her ca. 8.5 lbs, she is cat through and through. AND through.
I followed her everywhere, but I couldn't compete against her boyfriend Merlin. And after Merlin was gone (much too early), she still didn't like me. She treats me like the guy from the bad neighborhood while she is playing the queen, a game she is great at.
Meffi has the same parents as Greebo, but is a year older than him. She was the only tiger in a litter of black and white kittens which is why Dad chose to take her home. When she was growing up, she fell in love with Merlin. This is no joke, until the end those two were a dream couple. Have a look and tell me you don't know what I mean. See?

Now she likes to sleep on Mom's head in bed or snuggle up to Dad on the couch, but only to her conditions. You are allowed to touch her, just like her little brother she also likes to lick your arm, but don't even think about picking her up and if you do, well, you better prepare for some nice new scars. She has always been that way and I doubt she will ever change. Mom calls her "kleine Zicke" a lot, that's "little goat". I have no idea why, Meffi neither looks nor sounds like a goat. I wonder if that word can also mean something else ...

Something else to mention about her is her great voice. I know what I am talking about, after all I'm a real singing talent. Meffi has the full range, from tiny meows and soft purring, sounding like a birdie all the way to the hissing that would scare a snake off and of course that throaty song of hers telling me that she'll kick my sorry butt from here to the North Pole if I don't stay away from her. Which I don't do. No one can hold me back from trying to be near here. That means sometimes it gets a little loud which does not amuse the human inhabitants, especially at night.
It was really too hard for me to choose my favorite picture of Meff, she's always gorgeous!

P.S. By the way, her real name is Mephista. She was Mephisto for one day, absolutely refusing to drop her pants, so-to-speak. Humans, so easy to fool!

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  1. Oh Ponder your girlfreind is verrrry Prrrretty *even if she doesn't know she's your girlfriend* ;-)Sounds like she is just playing hard to get. Don't give up Ponder she will come around. After all how could she resist a handsome guy like you. <3