Thursday, February 17, 2011

The main characters - Greebo

Ah, where to begin when talking about Greeb? How about the story of how he came to live here? Of course that was way before my time. Greebo will be 10 this year.
He's a real farm kitty and he used to be the most trusty soul there is (nowadays the exception are trips to the vet and pills). So when Mom's sister said "Take home the next kitten who comes out of the bush", there he was. In fact he had been the only one hanging around us all the time. Personally I don't think Greeb was made to live on a farm. He loves couches and beds and the sweet life. He loves good food and he loves to be loved. He and Mom have a few rituals. When she comes home, he hops up on the table, she bends down a little and there he is on her shoulder, ready to be carried to wherever ... preferrably the food dish of course.
The other thing he likes is stretching. Being held like a baby he just streeeeeeeetches out.

Everyone thinks Greebo is such a harmless little baby, but don't be fooled. He can be pretty tough. Like all of us he doesn't believe in playing without claws. If he reaches out for something, may it be a toy or a nose, he's all claws. And he's quick although he doesn't look that way. You should see him fetch. Yes, unfortunately my friend is a little delusional sometimes. Don't ask how often I have told him that he is not a dog and that he is humiliating his whole race, but I guess he can't help it. Ever since he had his first big asthma attack, he had to cut down on it.

Poor Greebo. That asthma thing is no fun. Sometimes you hardly notice, but I can tell sometimes Mom is really concerned. Not just about him, but also about her own safety. Greeb may be a snuggle butt, but he hates to go to the vet's, the trip there, that is. Once he's there, he is sucking up to everyone big time, purring, licking their hands. Licking ... that's another one of his weird obsessions. Don't let him into your face or he'll try to lick your nose off while clawing into your hair - if you are a human. He doesn't try it with me, he knows I can't sit still through something like that for very long. If he tries, it usually ends up in a little friendly fight really fast.

There is more I could tell you, but I think we have plenty of time, so instead I'll show you Mom's favorite picture of Greebo now.
See you soon!

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  1. Though I have an inner predilection for Ponder, now I think I like Greebo too. And he reminds me of the Pratchett's character, which I love too.