Sunday, February 13, 2011

The main characters - Esme

I think it's time to introduce the main characters.
Let's start with Esme because we have a brand new picture of her. Esme is five and a half years old, just like me. I call her my little sister because she doesn't have my long runner's legs. Instead she has a little couch potato belly. Right now she is sleeping on the window sill, the part where the blinds are down. She doesn't like too much sun on her fur.
We are not sure where we come from, but Mom is convinced we are part Siamese, part Persian and part crazy black devil cats. I doubt it's for the love of exotic, but there are a few things that make her think that. The Siamese part would mainly be mine, so I'll tell you about that when it's my turn to introduce myself.
When Esme is very concentrated, staring at food in the hand of a human for example, she starts squinting. It looks very funny as she has big round baby eyes. In fact all of her face cries out "baby" which she always uses to her advantage. Baby ears, a round baby face, a sweet little mouth and a snub nose tell the world how innocent she is. Innocent my foot!
She is all black except for a few stray white hairs and she has a funny little tail. Her looks and the squeaky sounds she makes - poor lost kitten style - make people think she is as sweet as they come. I'm not fooled, I have felt her claws more than once. She's an awesome fighter once she gets up of her sill!
When she was younger, she used to have what Mom calls "her five minutes". She'd suddenly go nuts about whatever and worked herself up about it so badly that she finally had to bite Mom's arm, not to draw blood, more like a sign of deep frustration. Either she has grown out of that or she's just taking a break right now.
Something she really hates is people whistling (maybe her name should have been Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory who hates that, too). She'll come running from wherever she is at the moment and scold you like crazy!
Here you see two pictures of her that speak of her addiction. Esme is the dairy queen of his house. Yoghurt,  milk, cream, you name it, she'll eat it.

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