Sunday, February 27, 2011

How do you sleep?

Today one of my Plurk friends (hey, I am the social networking cat, right?) posted this link.
Sleeping as an art form

I am not sure what the humans find so funny about that. They are probably jealous because they are not as flexible and elegant as us felines.

It inspired me to post a few pictures of my own. Enjoy.

Dude, the foreign exchange kitty, on the couch - he came from the USA to Germany and was the first cat in this house
Gandalf hanging on to a little phone table, that was one of his favorite spots
Mim hardly ever relaxed while sleeping - bad experiences in earlier years
Esme when she was still almost a baby - with silly fuzzy hairties hanging over her ears
Greebo: "Go away, I am trying to sleep!!"
Meffi looks so much bigger rolled up into a ball
Poor neglected me, I have to sleep in a carton I have grown out of!
Merlin and Greebo - it's not the same without Merlin anymore
My favorite picture. Merlin in one of the Spongebob slippers Mom got from a friend *lol*

Are you sleepy now? ;-)

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